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What is a System Usability Scale?

John Brooke published the concept of a “System Usability Scale,” way back in 1986. SUS is based on a Likert scale questionnaire with standardized content that spins out an overall usability and user satisfaction index (ranging from 0 to 100).

Put simply, the SUS test will tell you in 10 questions, if your website or product is usable.


Why use Quix to calculate your SUS? 

It can be difficult to know, without testing, what product decisions will improve usability for your customers. We take the effort out of getting and understanding usability information from your users. All you have to do is: 

  • Embed a snippet of code into your app or website
  • Tell us how many users we should test per week
  • Sit back while we compile the results. 

We’ll provide summarised SUS results once the test is complete. Rather than guess where you sit, you’ll know exactly how you rank benchmarked against industry standards.

How does your SUS score compare to industry averages? 


What kind of questions are in a SUS test?

The System Usability Scale is a Likert Scale which includes 10 questions which users of your product will answer. 


  • I found the product to be simple.
  • I thought the product was easy to use.
  • I think that I could use the product without technical support
  • I found the product very intuitive.

Your users will rank each of these questions from 1 to 5. We’ll take care of all the tricky calculations to give you a SUS score. 


What your SUS score means.

When you run a SUS Benchmark Test with Quix, you’ll receive summarised results. The results will help guide your product decisions based on statistically valid data, rather than gut feeling.

  • 80 or higher and you’re developing a product that people really and truly see as useful.
  • 68 and you’re doing alright but have a bit of work to do.
  • 51 or under, it’s time to knuckle down on your product usability.

Keep the conversation going

Quix works not only to gather juicy data from users. You can continue precious engagement with your users. 

Ask users to perform an action based on whether their test response was positive or negative. Request a product review or fill in a free-text box for more information. You can even request to schedule a call with a real-life person. 

Usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not about technology

Steve Krug

UX Professional


Measurement doesn't stop at SUS

Quix is a suite of tests and tools to help your product team deliver better products to customers. 

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Use Net Promoter Score to find out whether you customers love your product, or just tolerate it

SUS Test

Use System Usability Score to find out how easy to use and understand your product is

Encourage Promoters

Engage with customers that signal a love or your product by getting them to share or review your app

Engage Detractors

Automatically start a conversation with customers that have expressed dissatisfaction with your product


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